Our Design Path

At PATHENGERS, our idea of successful design is a combination of two essential criteria: refinement and character.

- Guillaume Bellon (Chief Designer)

Every element was meticulously studied.

One of the biggest challenges was how to capture the essence and spirit of a place-on object as small as a watch. We want the watch to become a means of virtual travel.

With this in mind and during the entire creative process, we tried to achieve a design that would fuse simplicity and personality.

This has resulted in the creation of a pair of sophisticated timepieces, each with their own personalities but also sharing the same DNA.


The Pathengers Flag

This is the signature mark on a PATHENGERS dial. It’s a reference to place and travel denoted by the individual flag colors and directional arrows.


The Engraved Caseback

We have chosen to engrave our caseback with symbolic landscapes of the chosen places. A way to get the best of the atmosphere of the location.


The Sphere Case

The priority was to design a watch case that was out of the ordinary, an object of modern design and consistent with the spirit of the brand.